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выбор лучшего антивирусаThese two questions ask each computer user, the answer is very important because it is the antivirus that depends on computer health. There are several dozen antiviral programmes, large and small companies, known and new. Which one of them is hard to determine, so we often use what was installed on the computer we bought or what friends or colleagues told us. How to decide which of these antiviruses is the most worthy and to stop their choice on a particular product.

In order to make a choice, it must first be determined what parameters all antiviruses differ.поддельный антивирус The basic parameters are not so much, they're effective in protecting the computer from viruses, computer verification speed and usability. But there are more important things besides them: a feeble or free antivirus, whether an antivirus can be used from an unknown company and who can guarantee that an antivirus can do what he promises.

Antivirus from a known or unknown company

If you have little experience in using antiviral programmes, it's better to start with antivirus from any known company, for one important reason, this company is well known and valued for its reputation. But more importantly, their product has been tested in a variety of antiviral lab tests, and so you'll have some insight into antivirus possibilities.

It's important to be sure that by putting antivirus on your computer, you're fixing what you want. The reason for this is simple, there are programmes, so-called fake antiviruses, which can be visually similar to known programmes or their name may be consistent with the name of a real antivirus.

Such misleading programmes consistently show various warnings that indicate that the computer is infected, that some of the system files were damaged by an unknown harmful program, etc. The rationale for all these reports is to intimidate the user and such deception to compel him to buy this antenna virus and to cure the computer.

The excerpt from the above two. First of all, it is better not to risk and establish antivirus from a world-famous company. And second, the antivirus always try to download only from the official website.

Payable or free antivirus

Most major companies have several different antiviruses in their portfolio. It's free antivirus, paid antivirus, and comprehensive computer protection. The latter includes antivirus, anti-fisching, anti-spam and brandmower (firewall). What's to decide if you need to spend money and buy a paid antivirus?

panda free antivirus пример правильной настроки системы безопасности Windows (минимум)

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Защита Для Компьютера.Более 7 Лет Я Использую Эту
Защита Для Компьютера.Более 7 Лет Я Использую Эту ...
Какой бесплатный антивирус лучше и где скачать Антивирус
Какой бесплатный антивирус лучше и где скачать Антивирус ...
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