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Защитник Windows в панели управленияSince the transition to a new operating system, it has been found that not all existing antiviruses are ready to work with it. But yet another interesting fact is that Windows 8 already has a built free antivirus, Windows Protector. It provides a fairly good level of protection, and its existence in the system is virtually undetectable.

In order to enhance the security of the operating system, Microsoft built his defence counsel in Windows 8 (there was a need to be downloaded separately from the corporate site). Given the significantly improved security level of Windows 8 itself, together with the antivirus data, a sufficiently well-protected system is available. While the Windows Protector has slightly lowered the front antiviruses, it should be remembered that no one will subject the home computer to laboratory testing.

The Windows 8 Defence Counsel ' s Consignment provides an opportunity to verify the status of antiviral bases and to update them as necessary.

Upgrading of Windows antiviral bases

Updates of antiviral bases are established as an update of the operating sequence itself.

With the Gurnall, you can look at the threats and objects in the quarantine.

Бесплатный антивирус для Windows 8Windows 8 Antivirus Journal

It's default that the very contents of the magazine are hidden, and you're going to have to press the button to look at the details.

Inspection of permitted objects in a magazine Windows antivirus 8

The data sheet contains Windows 8 antivirus. They're quite simple.

Windows 8

The "Protection in Real Time" section contains the only parameters for switching off this very protection. If it's turned off, the antivirus will be launched, but the defense won't do it, it's only possible to do manual computer scans.

The following three sets of parameters remove files, types of files or processes from the verification.

Exceptions for files in Windows Protector 8

Exceptions for types of files in Windows 8

Exceptions for Windows processes 8

If you need to remove the file or process from the check, you need to pick it through the "Obsor" button and then press "Add." To eliminate the type of file, it should be manually expanded and pressed "Add."

Windows 8.1 Pro и 7 Ultimate Оригинальные образы
Windows 8.1 Pro и 7 Ultimate Оригинальные образы
McAfee Internet Security [2016] 14.0.8185 скачать
McAfee Internet Security [2016] 14.0.8185 скачать ...
Как активировать windows 8.1 бесплатно и быстро!
Как активировать windows 8.1 бесплатно и быстро!
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