Бесплатный АВГ

Avg Test Version

Blocking and removing viruses, worms and trojan programmes and preventing their spread.

Protection against harmful software

Protects against harmful software and prevents possible contamination.


Prevents the taking over of the computer by outsiders.

E-mail scanner

Detected and blocked contaminated or fraudulent inputs that could harm your computer. It operates as an e-mail plaguine, including Microsoft Outlook web, or as a mailbox scanner for POP3, SMTP and IMAP protocols.

Protective cloud technology

Identify and prevent the spread of " exposed " threats using automatically updated anti-viral software.

Community Security Network

The new threats faced by members of the community to respond adequately to them are constantly being analysed. Ongoing improvement Anti-virus protection for the entire AVG community.

AVG LinkScanner web

Intelligent technology that prevents visits to contaminated and fraudulent sites. LinkScanner's technology analyzes the references you open and displays notification when suspicious objects are discovered.

Protection in social networks

Checks out the references you share in social media, such as Facebook web and Twitter, to protect you and your friends.

AVG Online Shield(TM)

Scan files before they're downloaded and protected by the MSN, Yahoo! and ICQ.

Real-time epidemic detection

Using an improved artificial intellect algorithm on the PK to pre-empt the identification of harmful PE samples that have not yet been listed by AVG ThreatLabs. The detection algorithm is constantly being filled with telemetric data from our users.

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