AVG AntiVirus Free 2016

Antivirus Avg Antivirus Free

AVG AntiVirus FREE

  • Licence Free
  • Version 16
  • Size 205/225 MB
  • System 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
  • Interface Russky
  • Designer AVG Technologies
  • Site www.avg.com

AVG AntiVirus FREE is a fast and effective free antivirus. Provides basic protection against viruses, trojan programmes, Internet worms, espionage and harmful programmes. In the new version, the cloud record system and Windows support 10

Description of programme

- the free antivirus required. Efficient protection and quick work of antivirus, for these qualities, users loved AVG antivirus. Decision AVG ensures maximum computer productivity, quickly updates information on new threats.

Moduli: Antivirus, anti-routes, anti-spion protection against the most dangerous threats on the Internet. Threats like viruses, pencils or spy programmes will not go unnoticed by the AVG antivirus. When visiting Internet sites, Surf-Shield and AVG LinkScanner are responsible for system safety and integrity.

In the new version: a new Windows 8 interface, increased productivity and speed, self-protection system and cloud service of files.

Main components AVG AntiVirus Free

- Antivirus, Antyrutkint, Antispion
Surf-Shield web protection
- E-mail protection
- Safe search from AVG
♪ User data storage
♪ Removal of files without leaving traces
- Protection of personal data
♪ Safe procurement and banking
- PC Analyzer

AVG AntiVirus FREE

AntiVirus. Free antivirus with basic protection against viruses, trojans and Internet worms.
Anti-Spyware. Maximum protection against espionage programmes, advertising and harmful software.
Anti-Rootkit. The anti-virus solution AVG AntiVirus defines the cloths hidden in the system.
Resident Shield. The module scans any files that work with and checks them for contamination.
E-mail Scanner. The scanner checks all e-mails coming and entering, for harmful references or contaminated files.
LinkScanner. With this module, Internet search and webpage have become safer. Protecting a personal computer from any kind of Internet attack and the possibility of defining the security of the web page prior to its visit.
Identity Protection. Proactive protection ensures the safety of identification data, protecting them against theft or loss. Identity Protection ensures confidentiality online.
PC Analyzer♪ Scans a personal computer and detects errors in the registry, unused labels, unused files, defragmentation and hard drive errors.
News dispatch. The free antivirus AVG AntiVirus automatically updates antiviral bases via the Internet or local network.

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Тест №3 Январь 2014 от Nostromo771 - AVG AntiVirus FREE
Тест №3 "Январь 2014" от Nostromo771 - AVG AntiVirus FREE ...
AVG AntiVirus FREE 2015 - пользовательский обзор и тест
AVG AntiVirus FREE 2015 - пользовательский обзор и тест
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