Как Установить Антивирусную

Set Up An Antiviral Program

Sometimes you need to check the computer for viruses if there's a suspicion that the computer is contaminated. It can be done in two ways. First, we can. Load a special software for computer scanning and check for current computer viruses. About how to do it here.

Second, it is possible Maintain the programme on the external host, for example, on the optical disk or flash drive, and check the presence of viruses on the computer. About how to do it here.

Installation of an antiviral program on a computer. Before working on a computer, it's desirable. Establishment of an anti-virus programme♪ Without it, spies can steal information from the user, viruses can destroy the file system, etc. Most users now work on the Internet, and it is on the Internet that viruses come into the computer.

There are free programs that protect the computer. There are several programmes, one of them AVG. Not long ago, the registration form had to be completed and the programme had been issued for one year to receive and establish the programme. At present, registration is not required and the programme is established forever. How to set a program here. (Note that another common antiviral program is Avast!

Once the programme is installed, the user may normally not act with the programme. Once the computer is activated, the program will be automatically operational. If there were viral attacks on the Internet during the computer work, there's gonna be a report on it in a floating window.

Let's try to set up the program by licking on the program's badge that's on the left of the screen.

If the computer has not been switched on for a long time, you can call the program and press the button to update the antiviral bases faster.

Another useful function could be the scanning of user files to test their virus presence.

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