CM Security for PC-Windows 7,8

Cm Security Download On The Computer

CM (Cleanmaster) Security - A fast mobile antivirus for Android from a popular optimist Clean Master. The annex provides a multi-layer protection system based on a dual local and cloud-based anti-viral movement, has an in-built planner, allows the scanning of the system, the annexes, the SD cards, and the removal of unnecessary files, the blocking of undesirable challenges, the protection against physking sites and many others.

What's new in CM Security 2.11.0 for Android?

  • Location of annexes: A page with a list of recommended annexes is optimized
  • Incognito mode: optimized all news interface
  • Main page: Recommendation of verification
  • Wi-Fi floating window is optimized
Skrinchets CM Security:

CM Security Feedback


A few times put her on his android four, then disappointed and carried her.
The last time I put it in the hope that she'd find out on my body, the source of a continuous ad, has failed to go out on the Internet and set up bodies without my knowledge.
+ added the firewall.

So it turns out that the SM security itself is constantly being asked on the Internet (for a day of 60 queries) and that I've shut down any updates on its designs and I don't start a program on the bodies!
I never found the virus, I was disappointed again.
Isn't it okay that SM security always goes online? ?


Hello! Please. I want to remove the CM Security app, but I can't remove the tie from the administration of the device. I'm shutting down this antivirus, and the necklace isn't cleared. And the root right has been established.

With respect, Eugenia


I liked the games. I put chess and shoes. Nothing's fighting. Thank you for coming!


Well, I don't know the threshold like nothing but a bunch of marketing, and after scanning, it's a shame to remove all my doorsteps to game hackers. I don't like it because I don't have the function of deleting the program from the virus lists. (Giggers are working on the principle of viruses. Here are the antiviruses and screaming.

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